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Meet our management team

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James Askew

Managing Director

James has been involved in property development for over two decades, initially acting for private clients in the super-prime West End market, before expanding his interests into hand-crafted, bespoke kitchens and high-end interiors. James believes that every Aspinell home should look not only superb on the day the new owner moves in, but in years to come, and works tirelessly with Aspinell’s planning team to create developments that fit seamlessly into their established surroundings, whilst enhancing local values and overall appeal.


O: 0207 536 6668

M: 07787 416134


Conor Ward

Head of Commercial

" Heading up the Aspinell commercial team my role is to buy in sustainable, high quality fittings that not only look good now, but will last the test of time and look great in decades to come. Purchaser satisfaction is all important to Aspinell and I ensure each and every development looks fantastic at handover. "

O: 0207 536 6668


Andrew Campbell

Site Manager

Andrew is tasked with overseeing delivery of key developments throughout the South East and has an exceptional eye for detail. He works with a broad group of sub-contractors to ensure that each and every new Aspinell home is not only delivered on time, but is of the highest quality and the point of buyer hand-over.

O: 0207 536 6668

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Grace Wilkes

Executive Assistant

Having been with Aspinell Homes since inception, Grace is an intrinsic part of the senior management team, overseeing not only the day to day running of the business, but heavily involved in formulating the strategy to drive Aspinell’s growth. Grace’s attention to detail is exceptional and she works closely with the commercial team to ensure every Aspinell homes fulfils and exceeds purchaser expectation.

O: 0207 536 6668


Simon Wahab

Chief Financial Officer

" I am a Chartered Certified Accountant with over 15 years in practice. I also have a couple of FD roles for my larger clients such as Aspinell Properties. I have been personally investing in properties as a BTL investor for the last 10 years and have a keen interest in Property Developments. I specialise in digital accounts and property taxation. These skills help me deliver the information required to help the company achieve its long term goals."

O: 0207 536 6668

Aspinell Property is a dynamic, progressive company and our team will be growing with each and every new development.

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